Brief History of Payne Chapel A.M.E Church

When Colorado was still a territory, the very first established Christian Community for persons of color in Colorado Springs was Payne Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1872, four Carter brothers and their families moved to Colorado Springs from Pennsylvania. This family group formed the nucleus from which sprung Payne Chapel, named for Bishop Daniel A. Payne. The first services were held in the home of Mr. & Mrs. I. S. Carter. Through the efforts of J. S. Carter, the land at 128 Pueblo Avenue was donated by General William J. Palmer, President of the Colorado Springs Company and Founder of Colorado Springs. The frame structure was built on this site.

Revs. Hatton and Friston and 12 faithful members were successful in keeping the church open and active. The $6,000.00 stone structure was started in 1889 by Rev. Spotwood Rice. The U.S. Corps of Engineers hewed the stones from the quarry in Bear Creek Canyon at no cost and the stones were then transported by horse and wagon by the members.

Bishop Daniel A. Payne

Image by Charles Banks

Photo by Mark Reis, The Gazette

In September 1964, Rev. D. C. Coleman, Jr. was assigned to Payne Chapel and through his leadership, 72 units {HUD 221(d)(3)} Rent Supplement Housing Projects were constructed for low-income persons. Namely, Coleman Court Apartments, Payne Chapel Apartments, and Primm Manor. The parsonage at 720 Lake Drive was also purchased.

Under the tenure of Rev. Alvin N. Larkin beginning in 1977, a church van was purchased, the parsonage at 720 Lake Drive was paid in full and a new parsonage was purchased at 3305 Inspiration Drive. On July l, 1986 the current edifice was purchased at 3625 Marion Drive, along with an additional lot at 3624 Uintah Street, for $635,000.00.

In October of 1990, Jesse Brown, Jr., and June Christine were appointed as pastoral family. Under his leadership, Payne Chapel has become a church that walks by faith and is supported only by tithes and offerings. An additional property at 3619 Marion Drive was purchased for future church expansion. In the Fall of 1993, Payne Chapel Housing relocated to 1001 S. Institute in a new building designed to accommodate the business of leasing and housing maintenance supplies for the 72 units (HUD) previously built. Additionally, in December 2004, a 60 unit multi-family affordable housing development (Hillside Pointe Apartments) was opened at 905 Hillside Ridge Point.